Wool & Latex Shikibuton

Wool & Latex Shikibuton

The Shikibuton is a traditional Japanese mattress that’s lightweight and versatile. Our version of the Shikibuton is an all-natural, healthy sleeping option. Made with a natural latex core insulated with a thin layer of premium eco wool and surrounded by an organic canvas encasement. The canvas encasement is the perfect fit for a latex mattress, durable and soft to the touch. Comfortable and firm, the Shikibuton has an ILD rating of 28. Because of its lightweight, flexible design, you can easily fold it up and store in a closet when not in use. This versatility allows you to maximize sleeping space with minimal impact. A great, low-profile choice for a tiny house, studio apartment, extra guest accommodation, or anywhere you need to save some space. Handmade by Holy Lamb Organics, Oakville, Washington.



  • FSC-certified 3” Dunlop Latex Core
  • Premium eco wool 
  • GOTS-certified Organic Cotton Canvas


    Before folding up for storage, give your Shikibuton a few quick shakes. A few times a year, refresh your Shikibuton with fresh air on an overcast day (direct sunlight can break down latex over time); it can easily be draped over a porch or deck railing. If keeping your Shikibuton in use for an extended period of time, alternately flip (turning it over) and rotate (head to foot) every few months for even wear. Spot clean only. The Shikibuton is designed to rest on a breathable surface. We recommend placing it atop a slatted bed frame or, if placed on the floor, a roll of slats. We offer a variety of beautiful bed frames that pair perfectly with this mattress. Make sure your mattress has what it needs for proper support.



    Holy Lamb Organics warranties this product to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 20 years. For complete details, see our warranty information.


    This item is handmade to order and may be returned in unused condition with a 20% restocking fee. 


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